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Jeznik is a picturesque and quiet natural landscape, part of the town Krnov since 1903. Prior to this annexation Jeznik was already well known for being a great place for excursions and holidays. Hotel Ozon, restaurant Schmidt or Konrad Heger Pub – these were the places where the citizens of Krnev spent their leisure time. Hotel Ozon later became a Pulmonary Sanatorium, placed in the middle of coniferous woods, famous for clean air. At the end of 2nd World War tradition of Jeznik as a holiday spot became somewhat forgotten.

Although after the year 1989 Jeznik begins to recuperate its lost popularity, with many new houses and villas being built. Year 2001 saw the tradition of Watchtower of Jeznik renewed, tradition dating back to opening ceremony 17th of June 1894.

Let us rebuild together the tradition of Jeznik as a holiday and vacational resort, place for pleasant moments.

 We offer:

  • 18 rooms of total capacity 39 beds
  • 4 long term rental apartments with kitchen and separated bedrooms
  • 1 barrier free room
  • total capacity of restaurant 70 inside and 60 outside places
  • czech and mediterranean food
  • weddings, corporate meetings, family meetings

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